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for YOUR road to recovery!​


The aim of the Russellville Dream Center is to help restore the men we serve to lives of abundance through biblical teaching and application.  Our rigorous education schedule includes two daily classes, along with education assignments which are required to complete our program.  We believe through the renewing of the mind, our residents learn how to make healthy life choices.  Our priority is for them to overcome their past mistakes and learn a new way of life.

Our Curriculum Includes:

Renew(Convictions)                         Restoration(Accountability)                         Rebuild(Goals)

*How to study the Bible                    *Learning and understanding wounds          *Financial Budget

*How to write and understand          and soul ties                                                      *Proper Etiquette

  a devotion                                          *Relationships                                                    *Work Ethic

*Understanding Leadership             *Decision making and habits                           *Resume 

*Spiritual Maturity                              *Healthy and unhealthy mindsets                  *Family Skills and parenting

                                                               *Personal character and integrity

                                                               *Life cycles


We believe success is possible.

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