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for YOUR road to recovery!​

The Russellville Dream Center is a six month Christian Life Recovery School, providing residency, food, and clothing to men seeking to get their lives back on track by applying biblical truths.  

The Russellville Dream Center was founded in November 2007 with seventeen disciples and has the current capacity to minister to up to thirty men at a time. 

Our vision is to impact issues of substance abuse, moral decay, homelessness, and poverty that exists in our city and surrounding communities.  Reaching over one thousand people a month, we offer opportunities and resources for low income individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency by providing basic necessities and emergency assistance








Our Passion

The Dream Center has an outreach program that ministers to people who are in need in the surrounding community and towns.  We share the love of Christ in both word and deed on a regular basis.  There are hundreds of people who receive blessings through our food and clothing ministry.  Everything we give has been given to us through donations received from generous people who want to make a difference in this area.  Each month, the RDC holds outreaches in different locations throughout the housing authorities in Franklin County.  People are fed a hot meal, and receive free clothing, food, and fellowship as well as hearing the Word of God.  In this, many have received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior  on the streets and in parking lots.

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